Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Thing #27

Endorphins! This weekend I polished off more cookies and baked goods than I want to admit. I was dreading putting on workout clothes this morning (stretchy and tight-fitting PLUS jumping around=more jiggle than I want to see in floor to ceiling mirrors) BUT after Zumba was over and done, I felt like a million bucks! It felt SO MUCH better than the overly-full, sick feeling you get after eating too much and lasted far longer than the short-lived high that I get when eating sweets. I just have to remember that!

I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted last week since it was a week off from Game On!/BOdy for Life. But it got a LITTLE out of control. So this week Mike and I are playing as a team against another couple! With real stakes (money!) so this is serious for real! Go Team Z!

1 comment:

  1. GO TEAM AJ!!! Prepare to have your butts kicked.