Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Thing #20

I love fall and this weekend was particularly lovely fall weather! We went to The Great Pumpkin Patch and my suggestion for you is DO NOT waste your time on that place. The pumpkin patch is a rip-off at $5 a person to get in! And the only thing to do there is spend money!

The best part about it was the giant sugar cookie I got at the bakery and that was OUTSIDE the farm, so I didn't even have to pay admission to get in there! I was most excited about seeing their 300+ varieties of pumpkins and gourds and sell the seeds but they come in TINY bottles for $5 a pop! I did NOT end up buying any. They may have been featured on Martha Stewart, but we will NOT be making this a yearly tradition. There are so many great pumpkin patches that don't charge admission, why would you pay to go here?

So, what's my little thing? The awesome Family Health Foods Store just up the road from the pumpkin patch. They had all SORTS of odd things from flours and sugars, flavorings, tons of organic and gluten free products, supplements and cures and even produce and frozen items. I picked up bargain-priced oats, protein shake packets, sea salt and mejool dates.

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  1. Five pounds of oats for $4! That health food place was crazy cheap!