Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Thing #19

Ok, this little thing is from a few weeks ago but it made me smile. And it made me think. I was at an outing and had brought my own lunch. The group I was with asked me about my meal (kale and butter bean skillet toss with 2 string cheese sticks and some celery/cucumber/carrots with hummus). Of course they asked if I was vegetarian and I said yes, since I was in high school. One of the ladies said "So, you've always been thin then." And I looked at her, stunned. And I asked if she thought I was thin. I realize now that was a dumb question but I couldn't really believe that she thought that, that she didn't see the old me or even the new me AS the new me, a prior fat person. And it made me think that there are now people I know that did not ever know me at a 200+ pound person.

Sometimes at the gym I still feel the need to mention that I was quite a bit larger, that I've lost a lot and am working on loosing more. Usually I say this to other larger ladies, so they don't see me as "the other". I'm one of you! I was fat, and sometimes I still feel fat inside!

But in normal everyday situations, I realized that people probably have no real clue. It's not written on my shirt that I was fat. It was freeing to think that there are now people I know that have no reason to say "You look great, how much have you lost?" Because sometimes it's nice to hear how great you look and talk about your weight loss, but sometimes it just makes you think "Boy, was I a super ugly fatty for a long time and NO ONE SAID A WORD!??"

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