Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cookie Decorating

I hosted my very first Drop In & Decorate event at my house! Usually I organize them at work, we get together in a conference room and enjoy some down time decorating cookies. But this month is CRAZY at work so I decided to host it at home and invite friends and neighbors in addition to my work buddies.
In total, we decorated over 200 cookies! We donate our cookies to the TIMES Center, which is a shelter and soup kitchen here in town.
I am always amazed at the creativity that everyone shows. I love getting a group together for anything creative because everyone has different ideas and talents!
Here's an action shot of creativity as it is happening.
We made short work of many dozens of cookies, and got them all decorated in about 2 hours.
After they dried, I stacked them up on big deli trays that I have our workplace save from company events. Thanks everyone for an awesome night, it was tons of fun and we churned out TONS of great looking cookies!


  1. Jenna, you and your friends are rock star cookie decorators! I know the men at the TIMES Center look forward to your cookies, and you have brought cheer to many during a challenging time in their lives. Thank you for all you have done to spread the word about Drop In & Decorate, and for the support you have given to the TIMES Center through your creativity and compassion.

  2. I nominate Jenna as the Midwest Queen of Drop In & Decorate!!!! Great spooky cookies! And I know how much fun people have at cookie decorating parties. Time to start organizing my event at work for December.