Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Thing #27

Endorphins! This weekend I polished off more cookies and baked goods than I want to admit. I was dreading putting on workout clothes this morning (stretchy and tight-fitting PLUS jumping around=more jiggle than I want to see in floor to ceiling mirrors) BUT after Zumba was over and done, I felt like a million bucks! It felt SO MUCH better than the overly-full, sick feeling you get after eating too much and lasted far longer than the short-lived high that I get when eating sweets. I just have to remember that!

I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted last week since it was a week off from Game On!/BOdy for Life. But it got a LITTLE out of control. So this week Mike and I are playing as a team against another couple! With real stakes (money!) so this is serious for real! Go Team Z!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Things #26

I'm not the bravest person in the world but we had a couple of family workdays where we painted the trim around our house's flat roof and I'm the ladder-climber of the family. Our house looks 100 times better now! But I couldn't have done it without my husband's cheer leading. He was the hander-upper, so he handed me paint, brushes and all that, moved the ladder and did a great job cleaning the brushes and steadying my nerves. We got it all done before the cold, wet weather rolled in and now we're set for winter!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cookie Decorating

I hosted my very first Drop In & Decorate event at my house! Usually I organize them at work, we get together in a conference room and enjoy some down time decorating cookies. But this month is CRAZY at work so I decided to host it at home and invite friends and neighbors in addition to my work buddies.
In total, we decorated over 200 cookies! We donate our cookies to the TIMES Center, which is a shelter and soup kitchen here in town.
I am always amazed at the creativity that everyone shows. I love getting a group together for anything creative because everyone has different ideas and talents!
Here's an action shot of creativity as it is happening.
We made short work of many dozens of cookies, and got them all decorated in about 2 hours.
After they dried, I stacked them up on big deli trays that I have our workplace save from company events. Thanks everyone for an awesome night, it was tons of fun and we churned out TONS of great looking cookies!

Little Thing #25

I made a batch of these awesome protein granola bars to take and eat while traveling this week. They turned out perfect, one of the rare times that baking with whey has turned out well for me! Thanks to Becca over at Ridiculously Healthy for posting the recipe!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Thing #24

1981Coming up on Halloween, so let me share some fun with you! If you haven't already seen this picture on Facebook, it's my very first Halloween costume. You can see nearly every costume I've ever worn in this flickr gallery. No picture of this year's costume yet, you'll have to wait for me to get back from the Corgi show. :) So, my little thing? I'm happy today to still have my fun, child-like spirit but to have gotten over caring what anyone else thinks! It makes costumes MUCH more fun! You can see in the gallery that in high school, there are no pictures because I was "too cool" for costumes AND I was worried about what everyone else thought of me. Not anymore!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Thing #23

Hooray for Halloween! Today's little thing is Halloween goodies, but not the edible kind. I'm talking about all the fun little goodies online like the Spooky Workout at Tone It Up, the fun decorating ideas like the ones on my Pinterest board and all the awesome links to Halloween crafts over at One Pretty Thing, one of my most favorite sites ever!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall trip pictures

Some pictures from our fall day! First we went to several church craft and bake sales around town. It seemed like Saturday was THE DAY for churches in town to have their fund raisers! I got this awesome brownie with candy skeleton parts in the frosting and cake crumb dirt!Then we went out the Pumpkin Patch. You can decide for yourself if these displays are worth the $5 admission fee (per person) just to look at.
A giant mound of pumpkins and gourds.
They had a TON of mums for sale, and a couple of these quilts made of mums set up around the place.
And of course a lot of little shops where you could buy things. You know, pay $5 to get in and then BUY MORE STUFF!

Had to take a picture of this hay bale turkey. It needed repainted badly but still, it's a turkey and I love my turkies!

Little Thing #22

Yesterday, I had a LOT to do before taking three days off from work. I wasn't sure it would all get done, but now I am really looking forward to a few days off from trying to keep things on track in my office! And I am really thankful for the people at work who are such good sports and can always be counted on to get the job done! Sometimes I need to remember to ask for help, but other times I don't even have to ask, the look on my face says it all. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Thing #21

Mike took this week off and it's SO NICE to see him when I wake up in the morning AND when I come home at night! It's like one really long weekends! (He is normally in bed by the time I get home from work since he gets up very early. Then he comes home for his break and we have breakfast together (it's really his lunch, but my breakfast).)

We'll be taking off on Thursday to the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi specialty and will be back Saturday. So he decided to take a week of well-earned vacation.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Thing #20

I love fall and this weekend was particularly lovely fall weather! We went to The Great Pumpkin Patch and my suggestion for you is DO NOT waste your time on that place. The pumpkin patch is a rip-off at $5 a person to get in! And the only thing to do there is spend money!

The best part about it was the giant sugar cookie I got at the bakery and that was OUTSIDE the farm, so I didn't even have to pay admission to get in there! I was most excited about seeing their 300+ varieties of pumpkins and gourds and sell the seeds but they come in TINY bottles for $5 a pop! I did NOT end up buying any. They may have been featured on Martha Stewart, but we will NOT be making this a yearly tradition. There are so many great pumpkin patches that don't charge admission, why would you pay to go here?

So, what's my little thing? The awesome Family Health Foods Store just up the road from the pumpkin patch. They had all SORTS of odd things from flours and sugars, flavorings, tons of organic and gluten free products, supplements and cures and even produce and frozen items. I picked up bargain-priced oats, protein shake packets, sea salt and mejool dates.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Thing #19

Ok, this little thing is from a few weeks ago but it made me smile. And it made me think. I was at an outing and had brought my own lunch. The group I was with asked me about my meal (kale and butter bean skillet toss with 2 string cheese sticks and some celery/cucumber/carrots with hummus). Of course they asked if I was vegetarian and I said yes, since I was in high school. One of the ladies said "So, you've always been thin then." And I looked at her, stunned. And I asked if she thought I was thin. I realize now that was a dumb question but I couldn't really believe that she thought that, that she didn't see the old me or even the new me AS the new me, a prior fat person. And it made me think that there are now people I know that did not ever know me at a 200+ pound person.

Sometimes at the gym I still feel the need to mention that I was quite a bit larger, that I've lost a lot and am working on loosing more. Usually I say this to other larger ladies, so they don't see me as "the other". I'm one of you! I was fat, and sometimes I still feel fat inside!

But in normal everyday situations, I realized that people probably have no real clue. It's not written on my shirt that I was fat. It was freeing to think that there are now people I know that have no reason to say "You look great, how much have you lost?" Because sometimes it's nice to hear how great you look and talk about your weight loss, but sometimes it just makes you think "Boy, was I a super ugly fatty for a long time and NO ONE SAID A WORD!??"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Thing #18

I LOVE Music Choice channels! I've been trying to watch less tv and have the tv on less as background noise so I've started turning it to the music channels. (Yes, somehow this IS better than just having the tv on! It just feels better! And it leads to me sitting down and zoning out MUCH less, so I get things done, like reading books, cleaning the shower and getting birthday cards mailed out!) My favorite for working out is Party Favorites. That channel rocks, such a great mix of eras and styles! My favorites for chilling are Singers and Swing, Stage and Screen and (don't laugh) Soundscapes. Yes, soothing yoga class music!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Thing #17

We have a walnut tree in our backyard. It's a nice enough tree, very old and tall and gives good shade. But then there are the walnuts! Well, the past two years have been very bad years for the tree's walnut production. This is a good thing! A very good thing! One year we had to rake and bag over 10 bags of walnuts. I remember I was out there past dark for several nights, trying to get them all raked up before the last yard waste pick-up day! This year we are at around 3 and it looks like it's almost done shedding it's big, green gifts. :) Thanks walnut tree and near-drought conditions this summer!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Thing #16

Our Body Attack instructor, Dan, is a machine! I tend to think of him as more than human, which helps me not compare my version of the moves with his. If I needed to get something impossible done, I think I'd want him there coaching me. But just one "get those knees higher" or "push it, this is for YOU!" and I'm nearly puking and sprinting across the room and back. But don't get me wrong, I'm not at all attracted to him, he's more like a peppy fitness robot who I'm afraid to disappoint. And for that, I thank him!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Thing #15

The Broad Ripple Brew Pub in Broad Ripple, IN posts their trivia questions each week and I print them out (when I remember) and Mike and I have trivia night. I've been saving them up for a few weeks so we can have trivia in the car on the way to and from the Lakeshore Specialty coming up. I'm not sure why I keep going back to theirs (other than that place is AWESOME!) but it always has a good mix of different topics, so check it out if you like trivia!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Thing #13

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." -Albert Schweitzer

This was the Unison Chalise Lighting group reading at church on Sunday and it really spoke to me. I'm keeping it in my purse and trying to remember to not only be grateful for these people but also to let them KNOW I'm grateful!

Little Thing #14

I'll start by saying I LOVE getting up and working out in the morning. It gets me going, gets the blood flowing and makes me feel like I'm accomplished even before 7 am! But today I really enjoyed not getting up and rushing around to feed the pets, get dressed, take the dog out and get to the gym by 6. Sometimes taking an evening class is fun in two ways-the class itself and the morning off it gives me. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Thing #12

Size 10 jeans! Yes, they are Simply Vera with a touch of spandex. Yes, they are from a garage sale and are pre-worn in. Yes, I'm a modern woman and jean size should not even factor in to my mood. But it does! And it's making me happy today!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Thing #11

Today I got that "special day" feeling. Some days I wake up, take the dog out into the yard and I'm hit with the feeling that today is a special day. The moon hits the bushes with a special glittering (yes, the sun isn't up yet when I get up). Sounds are especially clear and soothing. I'm reminded of years ago, waking early to prepare for a horse show. Or my muggy, moonlit morning runs of last year's Disney vacation. And even though today isn't particularly important, it feels like I have places to be or things to do that are exciting and this one calm moment in the morning moonlight is my sanctuary! Does this ever happen to you? Maybe it's just me, it only happens every once in a while but it's nice when it does, when the world takes on a special glow and hum and your normal surroundings seem new and special like a vacation retreat or Christmas morning!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little Thing #10

I am so happy for my tenacity in my garden this year. Usually I slack off around mid-July and my garden suffers but this year I stuck to it and watered a bit and kept it going. I harvested EVERYTHING, nothing went to waste! My garden is still putting out some red tomatoes, and Kale out the wazoo. I love kale! I particularly like dinosaur kale (more then the standard red Russian). I've been going out to pick handfuls and sticking it in everything from curry to butter bean bake to salads. I still have carrots and kohlrabi and even a few yellow squash waiting to be picked at just the right moment. And the herb garden needs to be cleaned out before frost comes, so I'll have dried herbs to use this winter. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Thing #9

I just discovered the newest flavor of La Croix sparkling water-coconut! It is SO TASTY! There's a coupon on their facebook page for 75 cents off a twelve pack so go pick some up! (I think coconut might be "the next thing" in response to my other post. After Mars came out with Coconut M&M’s and Coconut Twix, they're now bringing out a 3 Musketeers Coconut bar.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Thing #8

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Originally uploaded by Corgipants
I've heard there was a good pumpkin harvest this year. So there will NOT be a shortage of pumpkin as in previous years! No more stocking up and hoarding cans of pumpkin while we can. This probably explains why every store and their MOTHER is jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon and bringing out pumpkin smoothies, lattes, baked goods, lip gloss, donuts and who knows what else. Can you tell I'm a little tired of all the pumpkin hype? It's time to move on to the next thing. (I'd better move on myself before this post about Little Things that Make Me Happy turns into a Pet Peeve post) Anway, I'm glad to have a ready supply to eat in pumpkin oatmeal and mix into protein muffins!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Thing #7

Do you ever shop at Big Lots? I most often find myself there around the holidays, looking for gifts. But sometimes I stop in randomly and find a good deal or two. Recently, they've had a really large selection of Bob's Red Mill products! On my most recent trip I picked up Wasa crackers, whole wheat pasta, edamame snacks, and puffed brown rice and puffed wheat cereals (hooray for cereals with NO SUGAR!). Whole grains at bargain prices! You just have to avoid the candy and cookies at bargain prices while you're there. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Thing #6

Microwave Potato Chips! We made these this weekend and they are SO GOOD! Nothing but a potato, sliced super thin (I used our food processor) and then nuked until they're brown and crisp. I used this website for basic instructions, but it's mainly just turning the microwave on, flipping them a couple of times and watching closely.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Thing #5

Originally uploaded by Corgipants
I LOVE that my car only needs filled up with gas every 3 or 4 weeks! I find standing at the pump tedious so I thankful that it doesn't require me to always be monitoring gas levels and filling it up.

Little Things #4

Moss and little feet
Originally uploaded by Corgipants
Sully has been really excellent lately! We are gearing up for fall shows where we'll be entering Open and during our practice sessions he has been SPOT ON! And he's even been doing well on the car ride to and from the training club!

Little Thing #3

Originally uploaded by Corgipants
We picked up a new cat toy for Stewart and all weekend he's been looking less like this picture and more like a wild animal! He plays so well by himself, he volleys it around and has yet to get it stuck somewhere he can't get it himself. His favorite thing is to drop it into a shoe and then bat the shoe around until it pops out!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Little Things

Savvy Eats has invited everyone to post one little thing in your life that made your day better every day for 50 days, ending on Thanksgiving. We'll see if I can remember to post here each and every day.

Since I missed the very first day yesterday, today I'll be posting two!

Little Thing #1-All the hair love at work. Everyone keeps telling me they love the new 'do! A surprising number of people thought I was a new employee!

Little Thing #2-I did an awesome shoulder stand this morning during my stretch/yoga session after my workout. It was all tight abs-straight legs and pretty stable! An accomplishment!