Thursday, September 8, 2011


See that? I got a rather drastic haircut! It's the shortest hair I've EVER had and I'm loving it! So quick to dry, so fast to fix up with a little bit of pomade! I was going for Gennifer Goodwin but my hair has so much flippy wave that I ended up more Tamsin Greig. Which is fine by me!

This haircut is part of my Fall 2011 Take Back the Year plan! I just made that up but I really am taking back 2011, which has been all sorts of crappy so far. But THIS is going to be my season! I WILL do a chin-up! And the dog and I WILL proceed in competing in Open level obedience! And our family WILL get the trim on our house repainted before it snows!

Here's a before and after side-by-side:

And today I think I'm giving off a distinctly Peter Pan vibe. In a good way, though.


  1. I am *also* trying to "take back my year." The first part was pretty good, then I sunk into a deep hole the middle of it. Of course, that's nothing compared to what you've been through, but I think we can all use some vamping if things haven't been the best.

    I bought a guitar and dyed my hair at home to jet black (I naturally have black hair, but it's been a bit sun-damaged and is more brown than black sometimes).

  2. Looks nice! I've always been a short hair fan. Mine's about the same length as yours :)

    Good for you on taking back the year... You sound like you have a Plan!

  3. Hi Jenna:
    I'm a HUGE fan of short hair, and yours looks adorable on you! I love your plan for taking back your year. I know you can do it!
    Hugs from me and the Corgi.
    Donna and Tag

  4. I'm considering getting a hair cut myself. With a toddler and a baby due next month, my hair is the last thing on my mind! It's nice to know that someone else has done such a drastic cut as well!