Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden structures at Conner Prairie

We visited Conner Prairie a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it! I loved all the gardens best of all, each house in this historic reenactment village has a garden with plants that reflect the owner's heritage and occupation and each one has a different design. There was a four-square garden like mine, as well as more rustic designs and some that were very tidy rows. Some had flowers and herbs as well as vegetables, most of them had a great variety of different items and each had at least a couple of the heritage varieties that they sell seeds for at the gift shop. Next year I want to grow Mouse Melons and ground cherries! I was really taken with this garden structure, which is located in the garden of the loom house. Isn't it a lovely shape?
It's all tied together with twine. I'm sure they have to reconstruct it each year.
I loved how tidy the corners were!
And here are some of their trellises, made in the same fashion. I love twig structures in a garden!


  1. Bookmarking for my spring idea folder...thanks for sharing the trellis.

    I popped in from Tues Garden Party. :)

  2. I've seen something like this done with dwarf fruit trees, in a shape similar to the one you show in the first couple of pictures. Sure is pretty in the garden. And I love the stick trellises--I did something similar with sticks and string for my sugar snap peas, and it was inexpensive and worked great!

  3. I tried to make homemade tipis for our bean plants, but the vine wrapped itself around all the other plants instead.

  4. Wow! This brought back memories! I was at Conner Prairie year ago. But still have fond memories. I too LOVE the trellis!

  5. That is pretty cool first time I have ever seen something like this.