Thursday, September 15, 2011

Body for Life Wrap-Up

12 weeks is up and my first Body for Life Challenge is coming to an end. I am the exact same weight I started at (168.8), my before and after pictures look exactly the same (I'm sparing you pictures of my in my underwear), but I definitely have increased upper body strength. I'm not yet doing a full chin-up, which was one of my goals but I'm going to keep working on that. I won't be going right into another 12 weeks but there are things I'll be keeping and things I'll be dropping from the program.


small meals throughout the day-I really liked this approach and it seems to be what ALL the articles and websites tell you to do!

protein at each meal-This was a struggle with 6 vegetarian meals a day, but I think it's really helped my muscle retention.

more veggies at each meal, and whole grains-BFL made me focus on the composition of each of those 6 meals so I really concentrated on getting in those whole grains and veggies. Now I'm doing it without even thinking!

increased water intake-This is another thing that almost EVERYONE says is good for you so I'll be keeping up my water bottle habit.

planning meals for the week every Sunday-LOVED pre-planning. No thinking at meals means no bad choices!

weight lifting-I'll definitely be keeping 2-3 days of strength training each week, just not strict BFL style (because those workouts were getting BORING!)

nighttime "snack" meal before bed-I used to live by the "no food after dark" rule. But this experiment proved to me that a bedtime snack (high protein, low fat) will NOT pile on the pounds!

New recipes-I fell in love with several new foods that I never would have tried before BFL (egg white oatmeal, overnight greek yogurt oats, egg muffin cakes)

Not Keeping:

strict limit on cardio-I love my classes at the gym and I missed them terribly. I've already gone back!

SO much protein (especially dairy) at every meal-I'm ok with a protein/carb like beans and soy foods so I'll be a little more relaxed with what I consider acceptable protein.

6 meals- I'm dropping down to 5 per the Game On Diet. I'm keeping my afternoon snack and my bedtime snack!

1 splurge day per week-I put way too much pressure to get it all in. I tended to go overboard, trying to fit in everything that I had wanted that week into one day/meal, leading to horrible food hangovers and that's probably why I weight the exact same, I lost and gained the same 2 pounds for 12 weeks! I'm going to splurge a LITTLE when I want to and not put so much stock in one "cheat" meal.


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