Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The sunny side of the house

The sunny side of the house, the west side, is the street side. It's mainly just lawn with a Hawthorne tree in the middle. This is the side of the house where I get to change it up every year with annuals! I choose something new to plant along the driveway every year, this year it's purple alyssum. And I plant the pots on my brick patio with different color combos. These two bowls are new for this year. No one ever sits on the bench so I decided to sit these there instead! This pot, on the step to the front door, is a houseplant that I bring outdoors each summer and added some petunias to.
These pots are full of sedum and they stay outside all year long. I added petunias, sweet potato vine and fiber optic grass this year. And that tall thing is an eggplant! I had to find places to put all the seedlings I had left over so here is one of them!
Near the driveway is the birdbath and beside it is my sunny sedum patch and a couple of hen and chicks. And you can just see the purple alyssum behind the birdbath that lines the driveway.

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