Friday, July 15, 2011

Easter Basket

Before Easter I took a flower arranging class. We made a colorful Easter basket arrangement. I've never been very good at arranging flowers, I suppose because I never really learned the basics. Our instructor for the evening looked very familiar and I found out she was a fellow 4-H leader! So I told her this sad story of why I never learned much about flowers:
One year I signed up for flower arranging in 4-H. I read my project manual and decided on a wildflower arrangement in a mason jar, surrounded by driftwood and a swath of homespun fabric. Very Little House! I picked black-eyed susans and coneflowers and queen anne's lace and all sorts of lovely things. On my way to the competition I stopped when I saw some more gorgeous flowers along the roadside and added them to my collection. But when I got the flower-arranging competition, EVERY other competitor had their flowers delivered by a florist. Roses, carnations, irises, and exotic flowers were wrapped in cellophane, ready and waiting. My wildflowers were wilting already and looked homely in comparison. In 4-H flower arranging, you create your arrangement while the judges watch so I couldn't place my arrangement and run. I would have to stand there while everyone watched me try and create something out of my bundle of roadside flowers. And I just couldn't do it. I picked up my mason jar and went home. And I never tried it again. Until this year!

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