Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Body for Life

30 days ago, I started doing the 13-week Body for Life plan. I got the book on PaperBack Swap, read it and found it sensible enough. Eat smaller meals more often, a balance of carbs and protein, mostly whole grains and plenty of vegetables! Combine that with a regimen of weight training three days a week and high intensity interval cardio sessions three times a week and it sounds like a livable plan! For the most part, it has been. One day a week is a rest day from exercise and another day is a free eats day, more then enough freedom to have some treats and pizza! I'm not going to bored you with my daily meal plans and exercise updates on his blog but I've been blogging them on SparkPeople if you want to see samples.

Reasons Body For Life is relatively easy for me:
1-I love cottage cheese!
2- I love veggies! I can't think of a veggie I don't like. (But then again, it's very hard for me to come up with a FOOD I don't like or won't eat, other than meat products.)
3-I love the control and planning! Each Sunday I write my meal plans for the whole week. I take inventory of items needing to be used up and how many meals worth are left, then I make meal plans and note items needed for grocery list. Makes it easy to shop and use up what I already have!

The workout plan is pretty much spelled out for you. I can work it around gym classes I like and fit yoga into my rest day. And I can get creative on my cardio days and either run or bike, jump rope, do an interval session from bodyrock.tv or take Zumba or Body Attack at the gym!

Reasons it is a little difficult at times:
1-As a vegetarian, my protein sources can get rather repetitive. Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, string cheese, tofu, seitan/fake meat, eggs, repeat. Sometimes it would make it quite easy if I ate grilled chicken or shrimp or lean beef, especially at restaurants.

2-I really like fruit. And BFL counts fruit as a carb, so for each meal you can have your carby item (bread, rice, etc.) OR fruit. Normally I would eat both in a "complete" meal. Of course, I'm eating twice as many meals as normal so I'm still getting all my fruit in for the day, just not alongside other carbs. So it all works out.

3-The great GOB of water you drink every day. I try really hard to drink the massive quantities requested of me. I try to fill up my 20 ounce water bottle twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. Plus water with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I don't get in as much as I'm supposed, and SOMETIMES I drink a little too much and have to sprint to the bathroom cross-legged!

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