Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 Goal Review (a little overdue)

So, it's almost May! Time to look at how those goals are coming along.

#1 Add 1 deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule. I washed out all the wastebaskets one week (YUCK!), washed some more baseboards and gave the bath tub a DEEP scrub. Next up-washing windows, room by room! And some garage and porch clean-up for spring.

#2 Remember to send birthday cards. I made and sent my first faux cake slice postcard for a friend's birthday! (It's like this, but homemade.)

#3 Start recycling. Recycling is going great! Earth Day is Friday and we can celebrate relatively guilt free!

#4 Add strength training to break my weight plateau. Phase 4 (Fine-Tune) starts this week! BUT in preparation for the 10K this month I have been doing a little TOO much cardio and not enough strength training to break through the plateau. My weight hovers between 164 and 170 for each Wednesday weigh-in.

#5 Volunteer once a month. March was a little low on volunteering, I folded newspapers for the Humane Society, attended 4-H Superintendent training (which I don't really count so you know I'm searching for things to include) and gave blood. In April, I participated in that great teddy bear event, 4-H Dog Training started (every Monday until mid-July) and repacked food at the Eastern Illinois Food Bank.

#6 Pay off the credit card. Since January, we have been making $1000 payments each month. That roof will be paid off within the year!

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