Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 Goal Review (a little overdue)

So, it's almost May! Time to look at how those goals are coming along.

#1 Add 1 deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule. I washed out all the wastebaskets one week (YUCK!), washed some more baseboards and gave the bath tub a DEEP scrub. Next up-washing windows, room by room! And some garage and porch clean-up for spring.

#2 Remember to send birthday cards. I made and sent my first faux cake slice postcard for a friend's birthday! (It's like this, but homemade.)

#3 Start recycling. Recycling is going great! Earth Day is Friday and we can celebrate relatively guilt free!

#4 Add strength training to break my weight plateau. Phase 4 (Fine-Tune) starts this week! BUT in preparation for the 10K this month I have been doing a little TOO much cardio and not enough strength training to break through the plateau. My weight hovers between 164 and 170 for each Wednesday weigh-in.

#5 Volunteer once a month. March was a little low on volunteering, I folded newspapers for the Humane Society, attended 4-H Superintendent training (which I don't really count so you know I'm searching for things to include) and gave blood. In April, I participated in that great teddy bear event, 4-H Dog Training started (every Monday until mid-July) and repacked food at the Eastern Illinois Food Bank.

#6 Pay off the credit card. Since January, we have been making $1000 payments each month. That roof will be paid off within the year!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March/April Highlights

What have I been up to? I'll tell you in reverse chronological order!

Last week we both took vacation time to visit Wisconsin relatives! Here's my strong man, at the Houdini exhibit at the Appleton History Museum. (Wearing a Hulk shirt, very appropriate!Before that, I volunteered at a wonderful event that helps people make teddy bears using the clothing from a lost loved one. This was my second time helping out and it is such a great experience. My first time, I was a little nervous and wasn't sure I'd want to do it again, but after we were finished I knew I'd go back! Here are two of the bears I helped make, the clothing was from a young girl who passed away in an accident and her sweet older brothers were making bears to keep and one to surprise their dad with.
Before THAT, I participated in this year's Edible Books Festival! I made a spiced plum cake and frosted it to match the cover of On the Banks of Plum Creek. I called it On the Banks of Plum Cake.I didn't win anything but there were so many fantastic-looking entries! It was fun to go see them and taste them! See them all here.And before THAT, I participated in a yarn bombing for a downtown arts festival. We all made 8"x12" blocks and then they were displayed on the fence which surrounds a pit where a building burnt down. I made two crochet blocks and forgot to take pictures of them! But here are just a few.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Penguin in the Park 2011

Somehow the race photographer missed me again this year! So no triumphant happy, smiling nearing-the-finish-line photo of me from this race. But you can see me at the start! When I did make it to the finish line, I placed 240th out of 451 people!Due to a bit of a wardrobe quandary (wear gloves or no gloves?), I was running a bit behind schedule and by the time I got to the start I didn't want to butt into the front area so I got in back. So when the air horn sounded, I was stuck behind quite a few slower-moving people. In this first picture I'm stepping up the curb into the grass to cut around.I'm not afraid of running in the grass. In fact, I quite like it as long as it's not wet!Run, run, run in the grass! Uh, oh! Tree! Back onto the road. You can see here that I decided yes to the gloves! Good choice!Still behind people, what's up with that?!Eyes closed, jamming out to The Ting Tings.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goings On

Here is the latest picture of the quilt I posted earlier. I think it's really....ugly. My mom suggested adding appliques in the blue squares because they seem so blank. But now I think that might make it too busy, since I used a busy cheater print for the borders. Ugh!

Other than this ugly quilt, I planted peas and took the dog in to have his teeth cleaned. Poor boy had to have two teeth removed. I am glad I took him in this year, I would never have known they were infected! Did he show any signs at all, reluctant to eat? A Corgi, reluctant to eat? NO WAY! Here he is showing off his shiny teeth!
Oh and I trimmed the dogwood. I think it makes a fine addition to the dining table!


I've started prepping the garden, aerating and fertilizing, re-edging to keep the grass out and such. And I dug up the last of the overwintered carrots. I didn't think I had left very many because I did a big dig in October before the ground froze solid. But I dug up over 4 1/2 pounds! I made Baked Grated Carrots (a recipe from An Oregon Cottage, a blog I have really been enjoying lately!) and Cranberry Cashew Biryani from this cookbook which had a surprising amount of carrots in it! Hooray for gleaning! Which, as I learned from watching Lark Rise to Candleford, is also known as leasing (pronounced lee-zing).