Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newest quilt

I started this quilt two weeks ago and finished it up this morning. I think that's a record for me! I started it when I realized that the Project Linus Make-A-Blanket-Day was coming up FAST and the deadline to get Boo-Boo Kids quilts in was this Saturday!! I had already signed up to do it again this year and wasn't about to shirk my duties. So I whipped up this Play Ball quilt. The green border (grass print) was the challenge fabric and the theme was Team Linus. I HATE sports, so this is as close as I'm getting to making a sports quilt. I call it "Backyard Ball at Twilight". It's supposed to be reminiscent of playing ball outside on a warm summer evening, it's just starting to get dark (there are lots of stars and moon fabrics used), mom is calling you in from the back door.

2011 Garden Plan

I'm already thinking about my garden plan. This is my third year at the new house so the third year for this garden. I'm really shaking things up this year!

NE-(partial shade from a tree north-east of the garden) I like to have gourds here so that they can trellis up the fence and the shade means I don't have to water as frequently. This year I'm putting my eggplant in the sunniest part of this quadrant.

SE-(tends to be wet and soggy in the corner where the south fence meets the east fence) This section has had the summer squash, zucchini and eggplant in past years but I needed to rotate so I thought the roots and leaves could go here! Plus it will force me to do a little work on this one in the way of hand-digging and amending.

NW-(sunny and bright) Last year this was my roots and leaves and it worked wonders. But gardens must rotate so the nightshades are headed here this year.

SW-(sunny with small patch of partial shade from short fence to the south) Last year the nightshades found their home here and did quite well. The summer squash and cucumbers should like it here!

Are you already thinking about your garden? You can score some awesome seeds from YourSmallKitchenGarden's Seed Giveaway 2011! Isn't that awesome?!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Goals Review

It's February! Time to see how the goals are going so far.

#1 Add I deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule. Doing good so far! I've cleaned baseboards, dusted all the ceiling fans, and more!

#2 Remember to send birthday cards. I made my mom a Chihuahua card!

#3 Start recycling. I'm on track for this too! We are using our recycling center. BUT we aren't supposed to put the paper out if there's a chance it will get wet and it's been SNOWING! So we have a bunch of paper piling up.

#4 Add strength training to break my weight plateau. I'm on phase 2 of the Female Body Breakthrough plan! Hello, squats!

#5 Volunteer once a month. January found me lacking volunteer time so I spent an evening folding newspapers for the Humane Society! February I am signed up to help at the Food Bank (repacking food into smaller quantities) and I'm attending the Project Linus Make-A-Blanket Day.

#6 Pay off the credit card. This month, we're making a $1000 payment!