Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Frugal Free Fruit Pie

How did I make a peach blackberry pie (to feed to company) fit into my budget? With free fruit! Back in the heat of summer, the peaches came from my neighbor's backyard and cost me nothing but the time and energy to blanch, peel, slice and bag them to store in the freezer. The blackberries are from my own backyard, washed, bagged and frozen. My fruit pies usually have a top crust but to make it more affordable I only made a single recipe of crust instead of double. The leaf cutouts on top are the scraps from the bottom crust.

butter 45¢
flour 17¢
margarine 5¢
sugar 36¢
salt 1¢
cornstarch 10¢
1/2 lemon for zest and juice 25¢
nutmeg 5¢

So the whole pie cost me a total of $1.44, or 18¢ per slice (an eighth of the pie).


  1. It looks great! Lemme go get a fork....

  2. Perfectly presented...
    A recipe I must try,Its look so yummy.