Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strength Training-The Female Body Breakthrough

At the beginning of this month I started The Female Body Breakthrough. I first heard about it from The Great Fitness Experiment blog, who seemed to really like it (for the most part).

This first post I saw about it was about the warm-up. And at first I was just going to do the warm-up before my regular workout because I really needed some new dynamic warm-up moves. But once I got the book in my hands, I wanted to try the whole program. (Minus the smoothies, gag!)

So far, I'm still on Level 1 (but will be adding the metabolic workout next week) and I'm loving it! I do miss my cardio and that totally-drained feeling after a good run that means you WORKED HARD but I can tell I worked hard at this because my muscles are getting firmer! And that's what I need now, not more cardio. I lost a lot of weight and I'm just going to say it....I'm saggy. So I really like that this plan works spots that are particular to women.

How much do I like it? I accidentally worked out this morning! I was scheduled to do workout B on Tuesday and workout A on Friday. I did Tuesday's, ran yesterday (just once a week now) and Oops! I did workout A this morning! Even though it means getting up a half an hour earlier because it takes me a good hour to complete the warmup + workout.

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