Saturday, January 15, 2011

SNAP Hunger Challenge-Strategies

There are two ways I could go about attempting this challenge:
1-Use pantry items I already have on hand as well as some groceries and try to stay within the $4.50/day allotment.
2-Buy groceries with the week's total ($31.50) and ONLY use those items to create the week's meals.

I decided since SNAP is supplemental that I would allow myself to use pantry items because most families would already have some food in their kitchen to work with. Of course, I still calculated costs for all ingredients used.

The first thing you do when attempting to save money on food is eliminate meat. Already being vegetarian means I won't miss the meat! And I'm also fairly well-versed in alternative protein sources like dairy and beans. I browsed some recipes created by other participants of past challenges and found a lot of them were bean soups and filling casseroles, something I can certainly sink my teeth into! I plan to augment those with frozen and canned vegetables, a few fresh fruits and veggies and dairy products.

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