Monday, January 17, 2011

SNAP Hunger Challenge-Other Things

To start this challenge, I went out and bought some groceries. I planned my trip to the 48-hour sale at County Market. They were having some great specials and I also had coupons for nearly all items. I saved a TON, paying $50 on nearly $120 in groceries. But this made me realize that to get those coupons, you either have to get the paper (which costs money) or you have to have access to a computer with internet and a printer. So it costs money to save that money.

You'll notice I spent more than the SNAP allotment of $30 on groceries. That's not only because I decided to do daily totals instead of weekly, but also because I bought things that food stamps wouldn't pay for. Things like toilet bowl cleaner ($1.99 x2), dish detergent (2.99), laundry detergent (2.49), and toilet paper (4.99). But these are still things that everyone needs. And somehow recipients of SNAP have to figure out how to pay for them and I would imagine that some of that money comes from their initial food budget, therefore further necessitating SNAP assistance. One thing I learned is that the Eastern Illinois Food Bank accepts donations of toiletries, cleaning products and pet food to help with this.


  1. There are free ways to get the coupons from the Sunday paper.

    Some coffee shops get the paper and will save the coupons out for you if you ask. Walmart puts a set of flyers out at some registers, and they will sometimes save you the coupons if you ask. Of course you can always see if a friend gets the paper and doesn't use the coupons. And if you're willing to wait for them, Bricks will mail you their coupons free of charge. But you don't get the instant gratification, and you can only get 1 instead of the 2 you can normally print.

  2. Awesome, Shawna! Thanks for the tips for frugal couponers!

  3. I love this challenge...I look forward to seeing how the week turns out! :)