Monday, January 17, 2011

SNAP Hunger Challenge-Day 2

Monday- Day 2

instant oatmeal made with water 19¢
banana 16¢

Pasta 25¢
1/2 can Progresso veg soup 59¢
celery sticks 10¢
peanut butter (2 Tbsp) 12¢
orange 44¢

1 cup shredded wheat cereal 15¢

The beans took longer to cook than I had planned so I had to tide myself over with a little dry cereal!

DinnerPinto Bean and Sweet Potato Soup 2 servings $1.02
2 slices Great Harvest wheat bread 52¢
butter 11¢
apple 33¢

Dinner had me STUFFED! I love sweet potatoes and they made this dish delicious! I had to use cabbage instead of spinach in the soup because I thought I had a box of frozen spinach but I had used it a few weeks ago in a quiche. I bought day-old Great Harvest wheat bread at half price because bread is something I refuse to comprise on. That fluffy grocery store bread does NOT fill you up or have any heart healthy fiber in it. The remainder loafs on Tuesday are a bargain!

Total $3.98

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