Saturday, January 22, 2011

SNAP Hunger Challenge-Cookies

It's Girls Scout Cookie Season! But I LOVE to bake, why would I buy pre-packaged cookies? I decided to make my own Do-Si-Dos using this recipe. I used half butter and half margarine to save 40 cents. I made the cookies smaller than the recipe says so that I could have two cookies for one serving! So for me, this recipe made 18 cookies, the same number that are in a box of G.S. cookies. How did I come out dollar-wise? My recipe cost a total of $4.51 to make which is 24 cents per cookie. A box of cookies costs $3.50 or 19 cents per cookie. BUT even though I made mine smaller than the recipe said, mine were much bigger than those sold by the Girl Scouts. (Nearly twice the calories per cookie, this has GOT to be the only time that's a good thing!) I didn't make these from scratch to save money though. I knew if I made a small batch and ate only a couple that I could make them fit into my budget. When calculating the cost for the recipe, I noticed that if I had made a non-peanut butter cookie, my cost would have been MUCH lower so that could be a strategy to keep in mind for next time.

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