Thursday, January 6, 2011

New addition

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen an announcement earlier this week. I put off blogging about it because we hadn't decided on a name for him! (We tried out Reuben but I called him kitty more than Reuben.) We sorted that out and here he is, Stewart, our new cat.He is a 2 years old Turkish Angora mix and was turned in to the Humane Society because he doesn't get along with other cats. But he's fine with dogs. Perfect! He's very laid back, is quite talkative and LOVES to watch birds (he does that crazy chittering sound ALL the time!).


  1. Stewart is beautiful! I love that chittering sound, my cat Callie fancies herself a real hunter (mostly of squirrels and bugs) and makes that sound a lot.

  2. OH he's so cute! I love cats, we have one who is the Queen of the house, she doesn't get along with other cats either. I'd have a whole litter if I could!

    Love your cute blog!
    Lulu :)

  3. What a great solution! He's very handsome and I love that chittering thing they do...

  4. Congrats on your new family member! I LOVE the feeling I get after adopting a pet from The Humane Society! (Well, I've only done it twice... but still... a great feeling!)