Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alicia's Oatmeal Bread

I made this delicious bread TWICE last week! Alicia's recipe turns out such a nice, soft but not too soft loaf. Perfect for toast, sandwiches, or just nibbling on!I'm lazy so I use the KitchenAid to kneed it for me. :)
Then you let it rise, and rise again before baking it to a nice toasty brown! Yum!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earbud buddies!

I love seeing people's running music. I generally listen to a mix of classic country (Gene Autry, Riders in the Sky, Jerry Reed, etc.), newer pop with a good beat and older (90's) alternative. Oh, and some show tunes in there for good measure! Here's my playlist from the 5K Saturday!

Songs that I heard on shuffle:
TiK ToK-Ke$sha (At the start line, this is a nice song that has a good, consistent beat to start off with.)
Rock and Roll Music-The Beatles
Kids in America-Bloodhound Gang
Let It Rock-Kevin Rudolph (pressed skip on this one, not feeling it)
Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now-HairSpray
Jai Ho-Slumdog Millionaire
She's So Lovely-Scouting for Girls
Dragostea Din Tei-O-Zone
Scotty Doesn't Know-Lustra
I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks-Bloodhound Gang
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes-Skeets McDonald (As I approached the last 1/4 mile or so, this was such a nice, peppy song to end on!)

Songs on my list that didn't play during the run:
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo-Bloodhound Gang
You Can't Stop the Beat-Hairspray
That's Not My Name-The Ting Tings
One Night in Bangkok-Murray Head
I Don't Feel Like Dancin'-Scissor Sisters
Sexy Bitch-David Guetta
Fit but You Know It-The Streets
When You're Hot, You're Hot-Jerry Reed
He Mele No Lilo-Lilo & Stitch
Three Point One Four-Bloodhound Gang
I've Got Spurs That Jingle-Jangle-Jingle-Gene Autry

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penguin in the Park 5K

My first 5K of 2010! And it was such a great one! It was in the mid 30's so I did my best to stay warm. I had intended to take it off but I ended up wearing my jacket over my two shirts for the race. (I get chilly really easily.) I also wore my headband. The only thing I brought and didn't end up wearing were my gloves. Here I am trying to stay warm:The course was beautiful. We'd never been to Fairview Park but we will definitely go back! There were quite a few gentle hills, which made it interesting. I made the best of them, raising my knees on the way up and lengthening out on the way down. My time was nearly a minute better than my last 5K in Ocotber! 32:39.4!!!
I was 247th out of 398 total runners/walkers. In all women, I was 114th out of 225. And in my age group, women 25-29, I was 20th out of 34. I could not be happier! Mike even got a picture of me!
And here I am after, with my finisher medal!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Meeting The Penguin

Last night, John "The Penguin" Bingham spoke at our local library! I was excited to hear him speak and my cheeks hurt afterward from laughing so much!I was extra excited because I will be running the Penguin in the Park 5K tomorrow! So I'll get a double helping of The Penguin!

Some more fun giveaways!

Who wouldn't want to win:

Some Gu and a stylish running belt

A 2-pound bag of chia seeds

2 pair of Feetures! socks

A scented yoga mat

Yoga DVD (with Jillian Michaels)

An Aurorae yoga mat (hurry, ends today)

A really fun runner's package of goodies!

Vegan jerky (I really like the Mesquite Lime flavor of this jerky!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Many very short thoughts

I pruned the blackberry bushes yesterday and should have worn thicker gloves!

It's raining today and that makes me slightly mopey.

But it did force me to use my VERY OWN treadmill again this morning. I think I'm going to forever type it like that because I'm very excited to have my VERY OWN treadmill.

Annual physical this morning confirmed that my scale at home is very accurate:178 pounds. And my blood pressure was BEYOND normal! 110 over 60! With a family history of hypertension and cardiac episodes, I am so happy to be in the green!!! I credit exercise, very moderate caffeine intake, and a vast increase in the amount of oatmeal I eat!

I'm very excited to go hear John Bingham speak at our local library tonight! I'm going to get jazzed for the Penguin in the Park 5K I'm running on Saturday! My first 5K of 2010!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giveaways to enter!

Another roundup of some vaguely healthy giveaway! You could win:

Target giftcard, jelly beans and book (ok, not healthy at all but the blog's name is Yoga Gal, so....uh...healthy-related?

Yoga mat

Swanson Vitamins shopping spree

Oikos yogurt

Rainbow vegetable garden!

Le Crueset cookware

Anolon cookware

Yoga Downloads

An awesome quilt!

And one more! A late edition but a great prize, your choice of 14 different prizes including Le Crueset bakeware!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The start of a home gym

Saturday I joined Family Fitness Files and quite a few other peeps for the Virtual FitBloggin' 5K (for those of us not lucky enough to attend the real deal). It was kind of chilly so I did mine at the gym and Mike even came with to be a treadmill buddy!

After showers and breakfast, we headed to a church rummage sale where we found a treadmill! I now have my very own treadmill!! I'm not going to go overboard and buy a whole lot of equipment but I want to spruce up our basement and make it a nice place to work out. Have you seen any photos of really nice home gyms online? I really like the warm, homey look of this one. This one is really nice and spacious! I know what I DON'T want it to look like: these. Ever since I saw KERF's post with Emily's chalkboard, I've wanted one too!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vegetarian gelatin

A few days ago I reviewed this yogurt over on my review blog, CorgiTest:

I discussed the fact that most yogurt contains gelatin, which is not vegetarian. Read today as I review my favorite my favorite vegetarian gelatin options!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted food pics! So here are some recent meals.
I made quinoa pilaf. (MAN, is that stuff expensive or what?) I topped mine with a few raw cashews. Peas on the side and dessert was some frozen mixed berries, microwaved till syrup-y and topped with some Kashi Cocoa Beach granola!I made a 3-Minute Breakfast Cookie a la Carrots 'n' Cake, but mine has 1 Tbsp of mini chocolate chips. SOOO good! Here I am enjoying it, with wet hair as is usual for me in the morning.Tonight I made these baked Potato and Spinach Balls. They are good, crisp on the outside and nice and fluffy inside, but a little bland. They need a dipping sauce but I'm not sure what kind.I baked up some Tropical Lemon Coconut Muffins that I saw on Oh She Glows. I used avocado instead of coconut butter. I had never baked with avocado and was apprehensive but they are really good! I decided mine needed just a tiny drizzle of glaze to finish them off.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Saturday is my birthday! It is raining and will keep on raining all weekend, the usual for my birthday. :) I got my big present earlier in the week, a trip to the local running shoe store for a new pair! The pair I had been running in for the past year, my Brooks Ariels, were actually a garage sale purchase. So I thought it was about time for a real fitting and "gait analysis" that they do at the store. I ended up with these, Mizuno Wave Inspire 6:
So far, I am really liking them. No blisters, no foot/knee/ankle pain, just a good slightly supportive shoe for my ever so slight pronation. The Ariels I had were actually far too much shoe for my foot but they did the job. The Mazunos feel like ballet slippers compared to them!

When it is your turn for a birthday, I heartily suggest you wear one of these:
(Please ignore my crazed birthday face!) I got birthday greeting aplenty wearing my birthday badge at work! A coworker made low-fat banana chocolate chip bread and I got even more greetings from all the visitors lured by tasty treats!

Another coworker got me this awesome book , 2-at-a-time Socks! Probably because I have had her bamboo knitting needles in a half-finished sock for well over 2 years now! Can't wait to try this method, maybe it will only take 1 year!

Monday, March 8, 2010

MakeDo Mercantile Update!

Want to help me reach my funding goal of $300 for the St. Jude relay in August? I just added a ton of new items to my Etsy shop! Some fun Easter items like these vintage decorations:
The crochet book I'm currently using to make my Irish Rose Doily (I somehow came to own two of the same Star Book no. 64!):
Three lots of vintage doll clothes, which I think would look adorable on some little girl's wall as art!
And I've relisted some readymade pinnies at a new lower price! The entire price of all of these items goes straight into my St. Jude envelope and will get turned in in July before the race.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Treats, Edible and Inedible!

First, the edible. I made some of these and I think I'm addicted!! Averie's Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls I mean, does this not look like regular cookie dough? And it tastes just as good!!

And in inedible treats, I have recently purchased quite a few cute fabrics! Look at these Lizzue Dish fat quarters I got on ebay! I got these Color Splash fat quarters when our LQS had a Fat Quarter Tuesday sale:all fat quarters for $1.50!Isn't this one cute?I got some Puppy Love by Janet Page Kessler and some matching dots.Yes, most of this fabric is just additional stash material but I did buy the backing for my Pampered Pooch quilt and have started the quilting. During yoga this morning, I set my intention to concentrate on being calm yet productive today. Sometimes I dash from one project to another, here and there, back and forth. I wanted today to be productive yet in a thoughtful and relaxed manner. And it was, for the most part!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Goal Review

It's time for a mid-month check-up of my 2010 goals.

1. Complete the St. Jude’s relay and donate at least $300.

This month I start listing Spring/Easter items in my Etsy shop with all proceeds going to St. Jude's! I'll let you know when I add the first batch.

2. Keep track of all miles I run in 2010.

February mileage total=16.13 miles, 2010 total 21.88 miles

3. Donate 10 quilts/blankets to Project Linus.

After completing a panel quilt at Make a Blanket Day, my total is no 8 completed and turned in!

4. Pay off our credit card.

DONE!! Hooray for tax returns!

5. Earn the Silver Award in the President’s challenge.

I am 74% of the way there.

6. Enter 10 or more items in the county fair.

I've started work on my doily for this year! And I have two items completed: baby afghan with pink scalloped edge and BooBoo Kids quilt.

7. Try something new like tap dancing, water aerobics or herding.

I can officially do a cartwheel! A friend who attends the same yoga class as me has been giving me pointers after class on Saturdays. I practice in an empty racquetball court. I haven't mentioned it here yet because I wanted to have a video to show you!

8. Grow only things I eat in the garden and eat what I grow.

A friend and I got together to place a joint order to Seed Savers Exchange. I did NOT order any kale or Brussels sprouts. And I didn't order any more pumpkin/squash seeds because I already plant WAY too many of those!

9. Visit family more often and remember to send birthday cards.

February is a slow month for birthdays in our family but I did remind Mike to send his mom a card. :)

10. Add I deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule.

Doing so-so on this one. With just the two of us, routine cleaning tends be enough but I did do a big back-of-the-house dusting/mopping. And I cleaned the microwave inside until it shined! Spring will bring outside window washing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing sprouts

I love sprouting my own sprouts! Especially in winter, it's fresh veggie food, kind of like gardening even when it's 20 below zero! The other day Oh She Glows asked her readers about seed sprouting and it reminded me that I hadn't started any in quite some time. So I thought I'd document it this time. I have a three-tray sprouter but there are lot of simple instructions online for sprouting in a glass jar. I started two trays, both a general sprouting mix of alfalfa, radish, fenugreek and clover seeds (but two slightly different blends). One day three, the seeds have just started to sprout. You can see their little white roots just poking out. The round white thing is a siphon, it carries the water from one tray to the next so the sprouts get just the rinsing they need.Then on day 5 I was at a friend's house and we were struck with the genius idea that we probably had seeds in our kitchens that we could also sprout! So I added a tray of lentils and flax seeds!And here are the day 5 sprouts looking very rooty.Day 9 and the sprout mix is ready to eat! (I like mine a little more leafy so I'll wait an extra day or so before rinsing them and storing in the fridge.) The lentils and flax are on day 4 and kind of struggling, they don't look terribly good but I have a feeling they will start rootin' up any day now.

And on day 12 they are bursting out of their little silo home! Now it the time to rinse off the brown seed hulls and store them in the fridge in a container with a damp paper towel at the bottom so they don't dry out. YUM! This is what they look like as part of a sprout and avocado sandwich on whole ween na'an!