Thursday, December 30, 2010

Corgi Secret Santas

We participated in two Corgi secret santa swaps this year! Clive from the Corgi-L email list hosts one each year. Our Santa sent us a package full of goodies for both of us humans and the Corgi! Sully got a crinkly stuffed dragon and a rubber frog with a LONG tongue. Thanks Maureen!

We also participated in Kelly's Corgi Butts Secret Santa! Our Secret Santa, Cassie, sent us an awesome item from our wishlist! She sent us a copy of Corgiville Christmas by Tasha Tudor! This made a great addition to our Corgi Christmas book collection, along with last the 2009 and 2010 copies of The Watching, which benefit Corgi-Aid (and make me tear up every time I read them!). Thanks Cassie!

We sent out recipients each a handmade Corgi towel along with other items specific to them. Our Corgi Butts santa-ee, Ivy and Bryson, got a copy of Natural Health for Cats and Dogs, and some handmade ties for Bryson to wear. You can see him sporting one here. Our Corgi-L partner got lots of treats to share because she has 16 dogs! 4 Cardigan Welsh Corgis, 7 greyhounds (she does rescue) and 5 others. Wowza!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

We had a really relaxing Christmas. We decided not to go anywhere this year and it was a good thing with all the snow and bad weather! On Christmas Eve we noticed my debit card number had been skimmed and someone had helped themselves to around $700 in Christmas goodies. Thankfully the bank was open Christmas Eve so we started the process to get that straightened out.

Better or worse than last Christmas, when we drove home from Wisconsin, at some bad Chinese food and I spent the evening puking and shivering? Better I think!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I know everyone's thinking about Christmas now but I forgot to blog Thanksgiving!Here's this year's Turkey Trot outfit. Not quite as flamboyant as last year's but it was raining a cold drizzle and I didn't want to wear a soggy turkey hat in the icy chill. So I whipped up this little number with some fun foam!
Here's what I ate. I made Oh She Glows' Vegan Walnut Loaf and gravy and it was delicious! My family also put my in charge of green beans and cranberry salad.
Here we are at the table. All in all, a nice day!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Win a cookbook

A fellow Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge participant is giving away a vegetarian cookbook! Go enter to win!