Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Day of Thanks

Day 13: This brownie waffle recipe! And the most adorable "Five of Hearts" waffle iron my mom gave me recently when she was cleaning out for the move. This weekend I made a big batch of whole wheat-flax and brownie waffles to freeze. That way I can pull out a waffle, pop it in the toaster and have a quick breakfast!

Day 14: Long, fall walks with my Corgi! It's so peaceful to walk around the neighborhood at Corgi-speed, taking in the leaves and general fall atmosphere.

Day 15: Determination! I am starting a round of the Game On! Diet today and I am determined to make my goal and win my prize!! I have promised myself up to $100 in new running pants if I get 85% or more of the possible points. Anyone interested in joining me in a second round one these 4 weeks are over?

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  1. Hmm... this post makes me feel like I should be more descriptive by using similes.