Friday, August 13, 2010

Updated links!

I updated my blogroll over there on the bottom left. <---- I had to weed out the blogs I no longer read and add the ones I've started following since....uh 2007 when that was probably last updated! Did you know that I had a 3rd Blogiversary on July 26?! I should probably have a giveaway or something! Anyway, reasons I stop reading/remove blogs:

No posts in the past 6 months (Except for my husband's blog, which never sees ANY action but which I continue to hold out hope for!)

They had a baby (call me anti-mom-blog if you want, but that's not something I'm interested in reading about)

My tastes have changed. I'm much less vintage cottage/shabby now. I'm much more retro/mid-century/clean design now. I don't like a lot of clutter!

Too many fattening recipes! You'll notice many more healthy eating blogs and many less indulgent baking blogs now.

If you ever get bored, spend a minute or two picking a few blogs from my blogroll and check them out! This is a favorite "coffee break" activity for me, I'll pick out two or three blogs from someone's blogroll and just browse for 10-15 minutes, since I don't drink coffee or smoke. I'm still entitles to a break!


  1. Bahahaha, I LOVE that you're the anti-mom blogger. I'm terrified of having kids and not the biggest fan of anything baby related.

    Corgis are my true love. ;)

  2. hahaha I laughed so hard at the anti-mom comment. I HATE looking at baby pictures (although I do post an occasion picture of my kids - guilty!) I'd much rather look at a corgi's butt than a baby picture!!! Too funny.

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