Monday, August 2, 2010

Fair results-culinary!

Third place in Sugar Cookies. Since you can't really see mine, here's what they looked like before judging:

Third place Other Grain Bread for my oatmeal bread. Something when terribly wrong and it over-rose and then collapsed on itself. Every time I've made this bread, it has been gorgeous with a lovely brown, round top. Wouldn't you know, the fair entry loaf went all wrong!
And these cinnamon rolls didn't even place! I should have baked them in a smaller pan so they didn't spread as much. Weird thing is, when I went the next day to pick up my extras and non-winning baked goods, my cinnamon rolls were no where to be found! So someone either thought they looked tasty or picked them up by mistake. So I have no idea what comments they judges might have made about them.
This picture shows the Grand Champion baked good, Featherlight Muffins. I believe they were from this recipe. And Champion cake was a Lemon Cream Cheese Poundcake.


  1. Yeah, I bet someone took your cinnamon rolls and ate them because they looked good. And even if your bread doesn't have a round top, I'd still want a piece. I think it looks great.

  2. congratulations! I remember doing the fair when I was a Girl Scout :) what fun!