Monday, August 2, 2010

Fair results-crafts!

This year was just not my year at the fair! I am a new quilter so my projects were the best of my ability thus far but just not up to snuff compared to some of the more experiences quilters. My doily (small with purple flowers) got second in the Crochet tablecloth/tablecovers category. It turned out most people entered their doilies in the Other Crochet Items category (since they did away with the Doily category). In fact, the Champion crochet item was the 1st place doily from that category:It was HUGE and quite lovely and well done but not particularly that intricate.
My PJ pants got second in the Pajama category. I didn't know most people make CHILDREN'S PJs! I'm all about adult PJs!
My table runner (middle) got second place. The duck item (first place) on the left is a tablecloth, with really nice embroidery.
Far right, my fourth place Christmas ornament is beaded and cross stitched.
My two quilts (the two on the right) were third and fourth. The judge really picked on my machine quilting, which needs work, and the fact that they weren't labeled. Oops, I had meant to label the Pampered Pooches one but the other one is for Project Linus so it just has it's Linus label on the back.
I didn't enter any embroidery this year but the first place (and Champion) in this category this year was gorgeous! The stitches on this pillowcase were SO lovely and fluid, filling in every part of the pattern. It nearly looked like machine embroidery but it was all done by hand!
And this is the entry that won Best of Show. It's a painted teapot. Not really my thing but it did look nicely done.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! I love your quilts and would have made them co-winners for Best in Show. Take that, judges.