Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden tour continued

I weeded my veggie garden and thought I'd take pictures before it got too bad again!
You can see the paths are still visible this year, thanks to a heavy layer of newspaper under the mulch. Last year the paths became nothing but weeds and grass.The spring-veg bed. I have leeks, kohlrabi, beets, spinach, lettuce, carrots and radishes. The radishes need to be removed and replaced with hot-weather lettuces now. The tomato and pepper bed.Zucchini, summer squash (yellow) and eggplants. In that bare line of soil you can just see the edamame poking through.And all my pumpkins and gourds!My blackberries are giving it their all this year! Even with some damage from heavy winds this spring, they are having the best year yet!I've already got over a pint in my freezer!Sugar peas are growing on the fence behind the pumpkins and spring veg bed. They're about done now but gave me quite a nice crop! Yum!

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