Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tour the garden?

I was enjoying lunch in the courtyard and decided to take a picture of my egg salad sandwich and the lovely greenery behind it.Then I thought "Why don't I take a little tour with my camera and take some pictures on this lovely spring day!" You can see we're going to have a great crop of blackberries:The front tulips long the drive get all the attention but I feel like this little bed in the backyard are my private tulips. I'm sharing them with you now!You can see my mulch paths in my vegetable garden here. In the bottom left quadrant I've started carrots, sugar peas, radishes and beets. You might be able to make out the string that marks the rows and the little metal name plates.Have you ever seen a Hawthorne tree? Check out the thorns that grow not only on the branches but up the trunk as well. We keep them trimmed at eye level and below so that no one stumbles into one!Those are some fun things I noticed on my little walk. Once the vegetable garden gets going again, I'll have LOTS more to show!

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