Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recently finished

I got my Pampered Pooch quilt all done! I am near agony at not being able to use it until after the fair in July, though! And I finished and blocked my doily for the fair this year. It's called Irish Rose and I used a new-to-me thread called Lizbeth that I have fallen in LOVE with, it's so smooth and comes in awesome colors!Not a craft but I made this angel food cake in a loaf pan the other day for a tea party at a friend's house and it was so pretty with it's pink cherry frosting! The cake had maraschino cherries in it too!Here are two cross stitch ornaments I finished and will also take to the fair.And more food! I made these macaroons from a recipe I had been wanting to try. It made WAY more than I thought it would (recipe said 20 but I ended up with over 30) so I made little May Day baskets for friends and filled them with macaroons!


  1. love the doily! it's a blue ribbon winner for sure! ok, i thought angel food HAD to be baked in one of those pans with the hole in the middle...it really works in a loaf pan? could you please tell me more about the cherry frosting? :)

  2. Thanks, guys! The doily turned out really well, it might be a new favorite!

    Sure, you can do angel food cake in loaf pans, a recipe makes two loaves, just don't butter the pans so the batter still climbs up the sides. Here's the recipe I used: