Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly goals review

I also set weekly goals for every week this year. Some are simple: moisturize and apply SPF every day, Go to bed by 10 every night, try a new quilting technique. Some are challenging: TV Turn-Off week, Eat at the table at least once a day. Here are some of my latest weekly goals:

Take a gym class you've never tried-There aren't any I have NEVER tried. But I tried spinning (group cycling) years ago and hated it so I gave it another shot. I still hated it. But it's good to know. :)

Try a recipe you've never made: I made cabbage roll casserole, lasagna rolls, potato-spinach balls, tropical muffins, quinoa, and oatmeal bread all in the same week!

Try a new quilting technique-I made my own binding for the very first time. And got hooked! I made binding for every single in-progress quilt I'm working on!

Make it a point to listen while others speak: This was a hard one to concentrate on but I did try to listen without thinking up responses or finishing people's thoughts. This is a very hard one to quantify though so I hope I did a good job.

Coming up in the next couple of months:

Brag on my spouse/thank my spouse every day

Take a class you've never taken before (not at the gym)

Bring a healthy baked good to work

Record your water intake each day


  1. great goals!
    how do you make the potato spinach rolls? those sound yummy!

    have you tried taking a zumba class?

  2. Great list and worthy goals. Listening can be tough, can't it? :-)

    Oh, and I hear zumba is AWESOME...great suggestion in last comment!

    Voting (once a day) continues... thank you, thank you!!! :-)

    HUGS from Orlando!
    robin/turtle runner

  3. This is a great list! I'm intrigued by your quilting ... I sew, but I have not tried quilting yet (although I have the supplies).

    I like the "trying a new gym class" goal, too - I've got to try that, too!

  4. just found you! I LOVE GOAL LISTS!!

  5. I love your goals :) Making lists and goals is such a great motivator. My favorite of yours is to take a new class.. I love doing that!