Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Sprouting

One of my goals this year is to eat what I grow and grow only things I will eat. So the GrowCookEat blog carnival is a wonderful fit!

Not unlike my post on sprouting seeds to eat, except these seeds are sprouting in order to plant and THEN eat! These seeds were mostly started between March 14 and March 27. They are under fluorescent grow lights (from fish tank hoods) for 16 hours each day.This is in my laundry room. I didn't crop this picture too much because I always find it interesting to peak into other people's "junk" rooms. So you can see my stockpile of cereal, crackers and cookies. On the shelves to the left are the animal supplies, dog stuff on the bottom two shelves and cat stuff on the top one. That's also dog stuff above all the cereals, along with my stash of canned pumpkin because again this year the stores are OUT and I still have some! And to the far left are pumpkins and little gourds I grew last year, they did their duty as fall decorations and they are just waiting to have the seeds removed so I can grow them again this year!

My tomato varieties for this year are:
Red Fig
Red Zebra
Nebraska Wedding
Golden Jubilee

Peppers are:
Green Bell
Yellow Bell
Santa Fe Grande

Also started:
Florida High Bush Eggplant
Blue Solaize Leek
Globe Basil

Everything else will be started from seed outdoors in the coming months.

Just like in years past, I used PlanGarden to plan out my garden. I LOVE PlanGarden, it keeps track of my start dates, planting dates, harvest records, and what varieties I've planed each year.
This year I rotated the tomato/pepper quadrant and the spring veggies quadrant. The peas (a new addition this year) will be growing up the fence. Another new addition, kohlrabi, was a request from my husband. You can check out some pictures from last year in this post.

The herb garden is not much changed from last year. In the center is a short stump which is topped with a large container garden I fill with sweet potato vine, calladium bulds and portulaca.


  1. That is a very cool garden planning software! We just planted our tomatoes in the ground Sunday. We've got some of the Golden Jubilee tomatoes too!

  2. Wow. That is awesome, I am quite jealous! :) I love gardening as well, I have to get mine started as soon as possible!