Friday, April 30, 2010

Provena Illinois 5K

This Saturday I'll be running the Provena Illinois 5K, which is the companion 5K to the Illinois Marathon. I'll be racing at 7:00 AM (wow, that's early!), then showering and recuperating before heading to my post at mile 24 to volunteer at the hydration station from 8:45 till the last runner passes, probably around 2:20.

I ran the CU on the Trails 5K on the 17th that I forgot to mention. It was not professionally timed, just a fun run put on by the park district but it was SUCH a great day and I had a great time!

I've started doing a longer run every once in a while. In theory I am doing this half-marathon training schedule from Fitness Magazine. But in practice I'm not actually aiming to be done in 8 weeks so I'm taking it a bit slower. I don't know if I'll ever enter a half marathon, I just wanted a new goal!

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