Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I Want to Ride My Bicycle"

Our city is having a Bike to Work Day next month. I have often thought about riding my bike, either to work or to run short errands but I admitted it the other day, I am scared to for a couple of reasons:

-I have never been that great of a bike rider. We moved to the country, during what would have been my prime bike-riding age, 8 years old. I had just gotten my three-speed Schwinn, which other kids made fun of me for because it was second hand and NOT a ten-speed like some of them had. Gravel roads, no where to actually GO, no one to ride with, all these and more kept me from riding my bike very much at all.

-Living in the country, I never had to deal with traffic. And now it scares the heck out of me!

-I still have that same three-speed. We have a long history together, from the country where it was abandoned in the barn it went to college with me where, because of the whole traffic issue, it mainly sat on the bike rack behind my dorm. After all these years, I wasn't sure if it was still safe, were the tires going to pop if I sat on it? Was the chain going to seize up and leave me stranded?

And so, I took a class offered at the cycle shop down the street. I learned the safety rules of riding in traffic, what routes in town are better for bikes, how to fix a flat, how to oil my chain, what stuff I needed to be safe, and more! I started to get excited about fixing up the old bicycle! The pictures in this post are before pics. Poor old girl, well over 20 years old and I'm quite sure I've never oiled her chain, let alone washed her up! I have visions of a new handlebar basket and maybe even a rack on the back with a bin for stowing larger things like a sack of groceries! I'm afraid if I go too far and add handlebar streamers and spokey dokes, someone will get jealous and steal her!I also got this spiffy new helmet, blue just like my bike!


  1. Jenna..we live 3 miles from our town and the grocery store. We sold my car last October to pay bills..I have been contemplating getting a bike..and doing errands in town with it..This has given me a little bit of courage to tackle this..

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. What a great event, and it sounds like you and your awesome bike are all set! :) I LOL'd about the 'fixing her up and getting stolen' correlation. People let their bikes get pretty beat up in our city for just that reason - so they don't get stolen! Love the new helmet!!

    HUGS from Orlando!

  3. I love your Schwinn and matching helmit! Ride with pride, girl!!

  4. I think that is a great idea! I attached one of those kiddie carts to the end of my bike, and I take Whiskey, my corgi, for rides. Bike riding is great especially if you have the store convience. :-) +great excersice!