Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sully is normal!

Since he came to live with us, Sully has never been a typical spirited, bold Corgi. He is shy around strangers, uncomfortable around other dogs, older people and children, needs reassurance to walk on tile/wood floors and stresses pretty easily. We had our first competition rally class (really, it's more practice on courses from all three levels with critique by the instructors than a true class) and he was panting and had his worried eyebrows on for quite a while even though he's been in the club building umpteen times before. So today we celebrate a victory!I had to take this picture to celebrate Sully eating out of a bowl! Yes, it's a nasty old tupperware bowl but that is the only bowl he has EVER been able to eat out of because it doesn't rock or make noise and it's see-through so this is still a victory. For months now he has refused to eat out of a bowl, he would eat off of the red place mat but put the bowl on there are he'd act like it was full of firecrackers and poisonous snakes. He wouldn't stay in the same room with it unless someone was in their with him. You can still see how apprehensive he is, he's as far away from the bowl as he can be and still be eating out of it (see his back feet up on the their little tippy-toes?) but most days he will eat his entire meal out of a bowl without leaving the laundry room! Which I appreciate most of all in the mornings because I do not have time to babysit him while he eats his breakfast bite by bite! Thank you Sully!


  1. That is so funny, but we have an Aussie that won't eat a bite unless you sit there WITH him while he eats. As soon as you take a step to leave, he quits eating and goes with you! He got so thin, and I finally had to 'cave in' and sit there with him till he finished his meals!