Monday, March 22, 2010

The start of a home gym

Saturday I joined Family Fitness Files and quite a few other peeps for the Virtual FitBloggin' 5K (for those of us not lucky enough to attend the real deal). It was kind of chilly so I did mine at the gym and Mike even came with to be a treadmill buddy!

After showers and breakfast, we headed to a church rummage sale where we found a treadmill! I now have my very own treadmill!! I'm not going to go overboard and buy a whole lot of equipment but I want to spruce up our basement and make it a nice place to work out. Have you seen any photos of really nice home gyms online? I really like the warm, homey look of this one. This one is really nice and spacious! I know what I DON'T want it to look like: these. Ever since I saw KERF's post with Emily's chalkboard, I've wanted one too!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for linking to us on your blog! Good luck with developing your home gym! We have really enjoyed ours. Thanks to the convenience of it, I've actually lost a little over 50 lbs. in the past year.

    We might be all about the felines, but we so love Corgis! Will visit your blog often now :)

    Take care!!