Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giveaways to enter!

Another roundup of some vaguely healthy giveaway! You could win:

Target giftcard, jelly beans and book (ok, not healthy at all but the blog's name is Yoga Gal, so....uh...healthy-related?

Yoga mat

Swanson Vitamins shopping spree

Oikos yogurt

Rainbow vegetable garden!

Le Crueset cookware

Anolon cookware

Yoga Downloads

An awesome quilt!

And one more! A late edition but a great prize, your choice of 14 different prizes including Le Crueset bakeware!


  1. Thanks for the links :) Those veggies sure look good :)

  2. Hey, Could you please add one more to the giveaway links? I have one happening at my space and I have some choices like Le Crueset Pans, Platzgraff Tortilla warmers and such. Check it out if you have time: