Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Goal Review

It's time for a mid-month check-up of my 2010 goals.

1. Complete the St. Jude’s relay and donate at least $300.

This month I start listing Spring/Easter items in my Etsy shop with all proceeds going to St. Jude's! I'll let you know when I add the first batch.

2. Keep track of all miles I run in 2010.

February mileage total=16.13 miles, 2010 total 21.88 miles

3. Donate 10 quilts/blankets to Project Linus.

After completing a panel quilt at Make a Blanket Day, my total is no 8 completed and turned in!

4. Pay off our credit card.

DONE!! Hooray for tax returns!

5. Earn the Silver Award in the President’s challenge.

I am 74% of the way there.

6. Enter 10 or more items in the county fair.

I've started work on my doily for this year! And I have two items completed: baby afghan with pink scalloped edge and BooBoo Kids quilt.

7. Try something new like tap dancing, water aerobics or herding.

I can officially do a cartwheel! A friend who attends the same yoga class as me has been giving me pointers after class on Saturdays. I practice in an empty racquetball court. I haven't mentioned it here yet because I wanted to have a video to show you!

8. Grow only things I eat in the garden and eat what I grow.

A friend and I got together to place a joint order to Seed Savers Exchange. I did NOT order any kale or Brussels sprouts. And I didn't order any more pumpkin/squash seeds because I already plant WAY too many of those!

9. Visit family more often and remember to send birthday cards.

February is a slow month for birthdays in our family but I did remind Mike to send his mom a card. :)

10. Add I deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule.

Doing so-so on this one. With just the two of us, routine cleaning tends be enough but I did do a big back-of-the-house dusting/mopping. And I cleaned the microwave inside until it shined! Spring will bring outside window washing!

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  1. Awesome list. I really need to get on the deep cleaning bandwagon too.