Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentersary 2010

Our wedding anniversary is only a few days after Valentine's Day so we combine our celebration into a week-long extravaganza! And this year is extra special since it marks the TENTH year we've been married! You can tell I have a sweet tooth by the first two presents I got:Yes, that's THREE boxes of Holey Donuts!! YUM!! Low-fat donuts!! And a tin full of assorted TastyKake products!We don't have Tastykake here in Illinois and I had never tried them. But I have heard of them from people online and they had been on my wanting-to-try list for a while. I really liked the Chocolate Junior I had, and Mike really likes the Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes!

And to work off all those sweets, Mike also got me Just Dance, the game for the Wii that I borrowed from a friend and really liked. And to play my new game, a new PINK Wii remote! AND new 10 lb weights that are square on the ends so they won't roll around and fall on my toes!

It was a Wii-themed anniversary because I got him cymbals to add to his Rock Band drum kit! He also got a Beatles t-shirt and (to work off all those sweets that he's helping me eat) some new work-out shorts. And as a present to both of us, but he got to unwrap it since he had asked for some for Christmas, I got us a new sheet set. A nice cotton sateen set that has felt good all week, so soft and just the right weight!

Sadly, I've been sick with a cold for the past two days so while we had planned to eat out yesterday, it has been postponed until Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to taste by then!


  1. Awesome gifts! I hope you feel better soon!!
    Are TastyKakes healthy? What did you think of the Holey Donuts?

  2. TastyKakes are not healthy, they are pretty much equivalent to twinkies or any other snack cake. So far I have tried a Caramel Crunch and a Boston Cream Pie donut and I thought they were both great. The donut part or very light and airy, kind of a mix between puff pastry and a regular donut because it seems to have more bite/chew than, say, a Krispy Kreme. I will reserve my final verdict until I am done and then I plan to do a review on my review blog.

  3. Did you say low fat doughnuts? Not possible, surely!

    Happy anniversary! ... and feel better soon!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it great to get to 10 years? Your sweets look heavenly. I love celebrating our favorite holidays around food.