Friday, February 5, 2010

Newest skirt

Here's a really blurry picture of the newest SkirtSports skirt I added to my collection! It's the Tought Girl that Mike got me for Christmas. Isn't it adorable! This is after Tuesday's evening run and Wii Active workout.I gave blood on Wednesday and am SO happy to report that my blood pressure was normal! It was, in fact, outstanding! From looking at my previous donation records, my blood pressure in 2006 was:
My doctor back then didn't want to put me on medication but was thinking about it. My blood pressure yesterday was:

But there is one bad thing about giving blood. For some reason, I thought the rule was wait 4 hours before heavy lifting or exercise. But it's 12 hours. (You have to leave the bandage on for 4 hours.) So no yoga on Thursday night. Boo!


  1. Hi Jenna- thanks for stopping by my blog! Good for you getting the blood pressure down AND for giving blood!