Monday, February 22, 2010

Make A Blanket Day

Saturday was Project Linus Make a Blanket Day. This year I had a lot more fun than last year! It seemed like we played a lot more games as a large group and everyone was a little cramped so it felt like we were all a little more friendly.
While I was there I:

Finished a panel baby blanket. I have a sore on my middle finger from hand stitching the binding but I got it done!

Finished a rainbow quilt top. You might remember from this post that I was in a Rainbow Block Swap. Those poor blocks (one complete top and the other still in blocks) have been hanging around in my Project Linus to-do pile since then. Well, I officially have both tops done now, and I have backing fabric for them too! And guess what. I have the binding made! I am so on top of them!

My Boo-Boo Kids Quilt didn't win anything. But I am entering it in the County Fair so maybe they will have different ideas about it! I'm so glad I completed it in time though, I learned a LOT about time management. I scheduled each and every aspect of completing that quilt in my calendar and got it done on time!

Had a wonderful lunch which was provided by the hospital we were at. Delicious!

Met tons of new people, but only a small fraction of the 175 people there! I met some really nice ladies that were crocheting, the ladies at my table just happened to be from the same county as me and most were involved in Extension services so we had a lot to talk about! And I met someone else who is entering their Boo-Boo Kids Quilt in the fair (but she's from a different county) so I didn't feel quite as bad about taking mine after everything was over. Most of them get left there for Project Linus. I promise I will be donating mine after the fair!!

The grand total-1553 blankets were completed that day! That is an amazing number!!

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