Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January mileage

Total miles for January: 5.75

But that was from only the last week because January 24 was my first day back from that sprained ankle.

So far my runs have looked like this:
January 24-run .5, walk .25, run .5, walk .25, run .5, walk .25
January 26-run .5, walk .25, run .75, walk .25, run .5, walk .25
January 29-run .5, walk .25, run .5, walk .25, run .5, walk .25

February 1-run 1, walk .25, run .5, walk .25, run .5, walk .25

When my ankle was still bugging me, I tried deep water aerobics (supposedly the more rigorous of the two workouts they offer). My assessment:not a great workout. It was less of a workout than swimming laps, I certainly didn't get winded or break a sweat. I thought the stereotype was going to be false but it actually is for old ladies. So I didn't go back.

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  1. Great start after a sprained ankle...keep up the good work!