Tuesday, January 26, 2010

None for me, thanks. UPDATED

UPDATE January 29, 2012
My mom reminded me of this post when I mentioned that I eat greek yogurt at least once a day now. Just two years ago, I wasn't a big fan! I don't eat any sweetened yogurt (like Light and Fit) anymore, greek yogurt has SO MUCH more protein! And I even make my OWN greek yogurt now! I do eat nutritional yeast, it's a key ingredient in my beloved homemade seitan sausages. So what else has changed? I still don't like green smoothies and I'll still pass on powdered peanut butter, it seems kind of pricey for pretty tasteless powder, but I wouldn't pass it up if someone sent me some for free!

****original post from January 26, 2010
I am very adventurous, I'm always up for something new! So I'll give anything a try. But there are some things I have tried in the past couple of years, things that other people RAVE about, that I just didn't like. I read a slew of healthy food/fitness blogs and that's where most of my new ideas for food come from.
#1 Greek Yogurt- I'm sorry, I have tried to like it. But it makes me choke. It's SO thick and even pasty at times. I like my yogurt nice and smooth, almost pourable. Dannon Light and Fit for me, all the way! The Fit Bottomed Girls wax rhapsodic about it regularly and KERF eats the stuff constantly, but I am not a fan. Nearly all the comments on this Cranky Fitness post about yogurt were how much everyone loves the stuff!
#2 Green smoothies-The darling of the fit/running world. I tried it. I tried it a couple of times. It's ok, but not something I would seek out to drink every morning. Certainly not something I would create a website about. I love Oh She Glows, but I do not love green monsters.

#3 Nutritional yeast flakes- Nope, sorry VeganDad, these do NOT taste like cheese. Nor does a concoction of cashews, nutritional yeast, pimentos and a whole bunch of other stuff that's NOT cheese. I have tried sprinkling these on a wide array of things and I'm just NOT into them, even though I could really use the iron and b-vitamins. It is nasty on a baked potato, nasty on popcorn, nasty on vegetables, nasty on bread. Nasty with a fox, nasty in a box.

#4 Powdered peanut butter (aka defatted peanut flour)-iateapie seemed to like it. (But then, she also rated Kashi Go Lean Crunch 5 out of 5 and I think that stuff tastes like dirt and chaff.) So I ordered a sampler. Ew. Yes, it's lower in calories and fat than peanut butter from a jar. But ew, it TASTES like it!

I'm not mentioning these things to knock the people who love them. They are healthy things, things to be proud of liking. But if you, like me, DON'T like them, do not be ashamed! There is no shame in hating Greek yogurt!


  1. Oh! I am sooo sorry you put your self through all that.. I know .. you don't know what you might like till you try... BUT YUCK!
    Umm, is it ok to add tofu to that list too??

  2. Ha! I actually like tofu enough to have written a post about it called "How to eat soy and like it".

    I like trying new things. But I don't like the guilt that I feel sometimes when reading fitness blogs that boast about the healthy things they eat that make me gag. :) No more guilt!

  3. I am so with you on the Greek yogurt. I have tried it several different ways and HATE it. My daughter loves it though.

  4. The best part about this, is knowing you, you actually know what chaff tastes like.

    Jut one of the things I love about you.

  5. Ahh... I have not been brave enough to try Greek Yogurt - not fond enough of the regular stuff to get adventurous on that. All that other stuff - sounds nasty too although I do drink the green drinks. I'm right there with you on that Kashi Go Lean Crunch - so I'm guessing you wouldn't be wanting the extra box that is in my pantry and will not be opened anytime soon :)

    DawnS (MommyPR)

  6. ha ha, "nasty with a fox, nasty in a box." love it!