Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid-January goal update

It's time for a mid-month check-up of my 2010 goals.

1. Complete the St. Jude’s relay and donate at least $300.

I have $175 already from ebay auctions and misc. projects!

2. Keep track of all miles I run in 2010.

So far, only 1 mile! I am on the mend though, my ankle went through Zumba class last night and isn't hurting at all today so Saturday is the day I give it another trial mile and see how it goes!

3. Donate 10 quilts/blankets to Project Linus.

I have 4 NICU blankets cut out. My Boo-Boo Kids challenge quilt will be 5 and Mike has graciously said I could count his two fringed fleece blankets in my total since I cut the fringe for him. So that's 7 already!

4. Pay off our credit card.

Mike and I (mainly Mike)have devised a plan involving our tax return!

5. Earn the Silver Award in the President’s challenge.

I am 52% of the way there. But at the beginning of the year I was at around 50% so it's slow going. 45,000 points is a lot of physical fitness!

6. Enter 10 or more items in the county fair.

Today I am ordering the thread for my doily. No one seems to have a great color selection around here so I had to go online.

7. Try something new like tap dancing, water aerobics or herding.

I have been investigating either adult beginner ballet or gynmastics. So far, gymnastics is a bust, no one offers adult beginner classes! What about my dream of doing a cartwheel?? Ballet has more options, 4 studios offer adult classes for absolute beginners but they are quite pricey and three of them are at least a 3 month commitment. The shorter, 2-month session is at a fairly strict studio where I'd have to observe a dress code, wear a bun and, frankly, it scares me a little!

8. Grow only things I eat in the garden and eat what I grow.

Too early but I plan on not planting as many kale seeds this year!

9. Visit family more often and remember to send birthday cards.

Eep, need to get on this!

10. Add I deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule.

This weekend, me & the vacuum shall dance!

1 comment:

  1. Great list and you are doing great!!
    You got me to thinking that it won't be long before I need to start my garden. Fun!!
    Potatoes planting will be here on Valentine's Day...wow that's coming up!