Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goals for Sully

In May, Sully will turn 7 years old. In both APDT and AKC he will be considered a veteran! I'll most likely not be entering him in any veteran classes (except maybe the Veteran Obedience class at the Lakeshore Specialty, if we go this year) but it's a good option to have from now on.

In all my goal setting for this year, I neglected to include dog training goals! After reading this post about goals on Deb's Dog Blog I decided to set some goals so my training doesn't wander aimlessly like it did for the last portion of 2009. My goals are not quite as grand as hers, though. (VST and MXJ titles!)

Goal: APDT RL3 title

I've signed us up for the spring semester Competition Rally class at the club which covers Level 3 and Excellent exercises. Directed jumping and hitting that six-foot line on the send over jump will be our main focus. My short term goal will be to schedule training sessions for rally/obedience at LEAST twice a week.

Goal: CDX title

This may be a lofty goal, simply because we don't go to that many AKC shows each year. I've signed us up for spring semester of Open Obedience at the club. He can do all the exercises, we mainly need a lot of group exercise practice. And we need to put in some hours cleaning up our heeling.

Goal: Run a certification track

I will be shooting for tracking practice at LEAST once every two weeks. We got out there in the snow today after a liberal application of Paw Wax and Sully was up for a good 45 minutes of tracking (and playing) in the snow! During our short warm-up track he took some time out to rub his face in the snow and roll around on his back Corgi-style. I let him have some fun but then got on his case to "get back to work" and he simmered down, crossed the sidewalk in front of him and made it to the glove with only a few dirty looks at me. :)

**Both pictures in this post are fro today's snow fun! I was trying to get a nice picture and all Sully could think about was getting back out there in the snow!

Goal: Attempt herding

I haven't decided on a training facility yet but I think this year is the year Sully sees sheep for the first time!

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