Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Goals

Yesterday was my first real workout since my foot fiasco. This is what my foot looked like a few days after spraining it.
It looks much better now and held up well to a 45 minute Pure Energy class and a mile-long test run. Today it feels a tiny bit achy but at least not any sharp pain. I think it's ready to start tackling my 2010 Goals!

I am not so much into setting grand, sweeping New Year's Resolutions as I am about setting smaller, manageable goals. Goals should be SMART.
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

My 10 Objectives for 2010 are:
1. Complete the St. Jude’s relay and donate at least $300.
2. Keep track of all miles I run in 2010.
3. Donate 10 quilts/blankets to Project Linus.
4. Pay off our credit card.
5. Earn the Silver Award in the President’s challenge.
6. Enter 10 or more items in the county fair.
7. Try something new like tap dancing, water aerobics or herding.
8. Grow only things I eat in the garden and eat what I grow.
9. Visit family more often and remember to send birthday cards.
10. Add I deep cleaning task each week to my cleaning schedule.

This year, I've also chosen weekly challenges to make sure I am active and vibrant all year! Each weekly goal alternates between three categories: Try Something New, Healthy Habits, and Reconnect (with family and friends). Some of them include:
Eat all meals at the table this week
Go to bed by 10 every night this week
Give out at least one compliment each day this week
Jump rope three times this week
Kiss your spouse and really mean it at least once a day
Do your hair in 4 different ways this week
Donate blood
Bring a healthy treat to work
Eat zero processed foods this week (Yum, that week I'll be eating a lot of meals like this one!)

They are just little things to perk up the week and make life more interesting!


  1. Love the weekly goals! Such a good idea :)

  2. Weekly goals...cool!
    I eat that same yogurt every morning. YUM!

  3. your goals all sound so wonderful!

  4. Hi Jenna. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Did you see I have corgis too? Two of them! Come back and take a look in the right side bar - go all the way down - tons of corgi pictures. Corgis are cool! It seems like we have much in common as you will see when I post my 2010 goals next week after my giveaway is done. I too want to run two 5ks as well as continue on my health/weightloss journey. I started P90X last year. I also went to fitness bootcamp and lost 23.5 lbs in six months. I plan on continuing this year with all goals.
    Good luck in my drawings! I'll be back to visit you.

  5. That looks awful! Glad you are mostly recovered.

    You have some very ambitious goals!