Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas prep begins

I have bee pretty good so far this year about getting projects done and not letting them pile up. I wrote out a list of all the things I wanted to get done, then I scheduled blocks of time for each in my calendar throughout November and December and that really worked!
Every year, the Corgi-L listserve hosts a Corgi Secret Santa. I can show you this because my Secret Santa partner has no idea I am their Secret Santa. It's a wallhanging with a paper pieced corgi! The corgi is very slightly 3-D, not sure if you can tell.

I got my Christmas ornament blocks from a swap put together into a wall hanging for myself! You could see my Christmas socks in the picture so I had to leave them in!

The cat was rather crabby that I turned on the light in the craft room to take these pictures. He was SLEEPING in his chair, how dare I disturb him!

Of course, every year the snow village comes out! This year I stole an idea from Alicia and lit the snow base.

The tree, looking rather bare at the moment. I like the look of it without ornaments but....can I really just keep my ornaments packed up? I'd be so sad not to see all the cross stitched ornaments and the special ones for each pet that's passed away.


  1. Love all the Christmas craftiness!!

  2. cool corgi wall hanging! I love the beautiful tree too! It looks great without any ornaments on it.