Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas decorations

It was inevitable, I decided to put ornaments on the tree! I just couldn't leave them all in their bins for a whole 'nother year!

Our house has a large blank space between two windows that was just begging for a wreath. But big wreaths are EXPENSIVE! So I made one myself. This wreath is a hula hoop, covered in pool funoodles (cut a slit all the way down the noodle and slip it over the hoop), spray painted green and wrapped with two pre-lit strands of garland. Ta-da!
Here is a picture of our complete outdoor decor (day and night). The outdoor tree was a Target after-Christmas clearance steal! Then this year we bought the light-up presents to put under it. Candy cane rope lights spiral up the pole by the front door, new LED lights bought cheap with that Home Depot Christmas light trade-in offer and, of course, my new wreath!
Sully helped decorate indoors
and kept an eye (or should I say ear) on things while we decorated outside.This is the site I see each morning when I go to the gym and leave that poor little dog inside, waiting. So pathetic!


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your little helper! :P

  2. Love the pictures of Sully! We had a tri-colored fluffy named Oliver, he was the best :)

  3. gorgeous tree and decorations! great wreath idea!

  4. Your giant wreath solution was just brilliant!