Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving still going strong!

I have Thanksgiving-related pictures so I hope you're not tired of turkeys and pies!

Here's the outfit I wore to the Turkey Trot:It rained the whole time so my prized turkey hat got a little soggy. I did my best to dry it out before Thanksgiving dinner. :) Thanksgiving was lovely, hosted by my gracious sister.

A few years back, she also graciously provided me with the family German Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe. We had a pie bake-off today at work and I won FIRST PLACE with this recipe! Woohoo to the $100 prize!I also made a coconut cream pie which got rave reviews from the crowd that got to eat it after the judges were done with it.


  1. Congratz!! Your pies look yummy :)

  2. The pecan pie sounds delicious! did everyone love your hat? I love it!

  3. Care to share the pecan pie recipe? That sounds like something I have to try to make.

    The turkey hat is spectacular!