Monday, November 23, 2009

I ran the whole thing!

Saturday was my first all running 5K! I finished it! It was such a lovely day, sunny skies, high 40s, perfect for a run. The first mile went by so fast, the second mile was a little harder because I kept waiting and waiting for the 2-mile timer and there wasn't anyone there!! I need mile markers to keep me going and I had no idea how far I was on the course, so I just kept going. There were a lot of hills! My neighbor and I (he's my running buddy) had practiced the course from the map they had online but there had been so much rain the past week hat they were forced to change the course. And it seemed to have FAR more uphills than the original! But that's ok, at times I had to do a little chi-running shuffle up the hills so I didn't feel like I was going zero miles per hour.

My time was 33:42! My goal was under 40 so I made far better time than I thought! I finished 206th out of 283 runners. Which sounds underwhelming but the key word is FINISHED! Yay!

Mike was very proud of me, he came to support me and I am very grateful for that. And as a finished-your-first-5k/early Christmas present he got me an iPod Touch! And an arm strap so I can start using it on my runs! Thanks, honey!


  1. wow! congrats! that's awesome! I'm hoping to be able to complete a 5K run soon. right now I can barely do a mile.

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  3. Wow Jenna! Way to go!! I'm so inspired by your progress. You are awesome!